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One thing is for sure.... we have been to more church services, fellowship meals, funerals, and weddings to say that we know how to "DO CHURCH". But the problem is - we don't want to "Do Church", we want to make a difference in the world around us. In the movie Gladiator (btw is my all time favorite), Maximus makes this bold statement "What we do in life.... echoes in eternity!"  I believe that everything we do should be in retrospect to the impact it will make on others now and forever. When I am no longer walking this earth, I want what God has empowered me to do, to have a long lasting impact on genereations to come. We are not launching Elevate Church to give us a place to sing and preach, we are launching Elevate because it is what we were placed on this earth to do! Step out and make a difference. God sent His son as a living sacrafice to redeem mankind from their life and bridge the gap between us and God. It is our job to become His hands and feet. To show love, acceptance, and forgiveness to everyone.    


We have made the decision to take ourselves off the "Pastor" pedestal. This is a place invented by man, but not sanctioned by God. He is the Shepherd.  He is the Head.   My job on earth is to introduce the bride (humanity) to the Bridegroom (God.) I am a friend of the bridegroom and placed to care for His bride. I am subject to mistakes and am human. I cannot and will not be able to live up to the expectations of people. I am not a sinner saved by grace. I was a sinner and am now living in the FREEDOM (Mel Gibson voice) God has granted me in His son JESUS!